Answers to teachers' questions

Our goals:

  • to facilitate your work
  • reduce your stress
  • improve the results of your students
  • provide tools for better quality work

About teaching

  • Will it be possible to use Gudruti Dutis in class?

    Yes indeed! Being able to use Gudrutis Dutis during in class is probably one of the first priorities of this project!

  • Will it be possible to use Gudruti Dutis both live in the classroom and remotely (online)?

    Yes! Since the project is online, it doesn't matter if the students are in the same classroom or each in their own home.Everyone will see tasks regardless of physical location.

  • What kind of device would a teacher need in order to use Gudrutis Dutis in class?

    A computer would be best for a teacher. You will not need a very powerful computer, but there will be requirements for browsers - only modern browsers will do! Internet connection, probably needless to say, will be necessary too.

  • What devices would students need to use Gudrutis Dutis in class?

    Pupils will be able to solve the problems of Gudrutis Dutis with smartphones, tablets and computers. The devices won't need to be very powerful, but they do need to have modern browsers and an internet connection!

  • What kind of exercises can be expected?

    Pupils will be able to practice various types of problems in mathematics and the Lithuanian language. General training exercises are also planned. With time, the spectrum can expand to other languages, science, etc.

Help for teachers

  • Will there be tools to monitor students' learning progress?

    Yes. It will be possible to monitor both the overall learning progress of the entire group and individual students.
    By seeing these results, you will be able to offer additional work on specific topics or types of tasks both to the entire group and to each student individually.

  • Will it be possible to create tasks that the students will solve during the lesson?

    Yes, there will be such a possibility! If necessary, it will be possible to see the progress of each student in real time, what they are solving, how many mistakes they made and help them promptly.

  • Will it be possible to create homework assignments?

    Yes indeed! Repetition and practical mastery of the material are the most important tools for positive results, so it will be possible to choose tasks according to their topics and types, specify the desired amount of tasks and the time by which they should be completed!

  • Will there be an opportunity to communicate with other teachers and share experiences/thoughts with each other?

    Such a possibility is on the table, but it will not be released in the first stages of a project development. Although I see a huge benefit in this, everything will depend on whether there will be a sufficient number of teachers willing to use such a tool.

Other questions

  • In what language will the educational content be?

    All content will be available in Lithuanian and English! To use Gudrutis Dutis in another language - contact us!

  • How is Gudrutis Dutis compatible with Lithuanian education requirements?

    Currently, the platform contains only a part of the tasks that are included in the training programs. All solutions will be developed in the process, in consultation with you - the teachers! Your evaluations, feedback and comments are and will always be highly valued, and based on them, further development of tasks and exercises will be prioritized.

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